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Pollution, wear and tear, the impact of weather and other

environmental factors such as lichen or algae staining can

leave the appearance of your property looking tired and

neglected. A great way to revitalise the external appearance

of your home is by pressure washing in order to give it a

thorough clean.


Pressure washing is a powerful way to remove dirt,

stains, weeds and moss and it can bring your

Driveway, Patio, Brickwork and Masonry

back to life and restores the natural colour and

original appearance. Driveways and patios, walls

and facades will be rejuvenated once they are

clean, creating a real wow factor for your home.









Pressure Washing

Driveway Cleaning Northampton

Commercial Grade Equipment...

The best way you can ensure that your home

pressure washing delivers the best results

possible is to have this service carried out

professionally by a specialist cleaning company.

TCS Pro – your local pressure washing service. We use commercial grade equipment, we are qualified and fully insured to carry out every aspect of external cleaning services.

TCS Pro is a professional external cleaning company based in Northamptonshire. We cover the local area across Northampton and also cover surrounding counties offering pressure washing services to both Peterborough and Leicestershire.

You know that your property is in safe hands with TCS Pro. Our external cleaning company are  specialists in cleaning all types of property whether it is domestic or commercial. We use soft washing techniques as well as high pressure washing, tailoring our services to provide the perfect service for your property.

Driveway Jetwashing Northampton
Patio Pressure Washing Northampton

Likely areas of concern in most

domestic properties include patios

and driveways. We can remove

lichen and moss growth and also

remove any staining caused oil or other unsightly incidents.

Walls and facades that have been affected with staining caused by algae and other natural organisms can be cleaned and brought back to their original colour by soft washing techniques, something we specialise in.

Having your property professionally pressure washed is a fantastic way of improving the external appearance of your property.

So what can you expect from TCS Pro pressure washing services? You can expect your property to be transformed into a home that comes with a wow factor! After all, our homes and properties are our major investment, so whether you want to just live in a home that looks fantastic or you are thinking of selling and want it looking its absolute best to maximise its full potential, you do want to make sure that you contact TCSPro today.

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