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Roof Cleaning Moss Removal

Roof cleaning is an important part of home maintenance, yet this essential job is often overlooked by homeowners. This is a mistake, a dirty moss covered roof not only looks bad it can lead to damage as well.

In addition to its appearance on the property, moss can damage the structure of masonry and roof tiles; moss retains water and when this freezes in winter it can cause the tiles to crack or become detached and fall off.

However one of the main reasons why roof cleaning is so important is that a roof says a lot about your property.  A dirty moss covered roof makes any property look neglected and uncared for, negatively impacting the value and the appearance of your home.


Roof cleaning is a dirty job that is always best left to a specialised cleaning service.  Although you may usually carry out your DIY maintenance yourself cleaning your own roof is never recommended. This is because there is plenty to go wrong, you can damage the roof if you use incorrect cleaning methods and tools, and working at height is never a good idea unless you have the correct safety equipment.

roof moss 5.jpg

If your roof is dirty and covered in moss,

it is time to call in a professional roof

cleaning service.

There are professional roof cleaning services all over the UK but if you live in Northamptonshire or the surrounding areas, roof cleaning help is at hand.

TCS Pro is a City and Guilds Accredited, Northampton based, exterior cleaning company. We carry out all types of roof cleaning across the area, including; Northamptonshire, Peterborough and Leicestershire.

We are the cleaning experts working on all types of property, from tiny cottages to large commercial buildings and everything in between.

Because we are a local family run business we know the area and our customers. We are proud of our quality of service and in the great job that we do and after 10 years working in this sector many of our jobs come from word of mouth recommendations from our clients. According to our customers, "TCS Pro delivers a friendly and professional service that is second to none".

What you can expect from our professional roof cleaning services.

The first step is to visit your property to carry out a full assessment of the roof, and provide you with a written quote so you can see exactly what we will do and how much it will cost without any unpleasant hidden surprises.

Because all properties and roofs are different this initial assessment will enable us to decide on the best course of action for cleaning your roof.

How We Clean Your Roof

There is always more than one way a roof can be cleaned. We visit every job prior to quoting, this is for a multitude of reasons. A site survey will give us all the information we needs to tailor your roof clean to the best suited method.


Steam Clean

Low Pressure Steam cleaning method followed by roof treatment. 


Roof Scrape

Moss removal using a scrape and roof treatment method.


Moss Treatment

Roof treatment is applied following a clean to remove any remaining spores and make the clean last for years to come.


When we carry out a roof scrape, we remove all moss from the roof by the use of specially designed scraping tools that will suit the exact size and type of your roof tiles. Once the roof has been cleared of moss right down to the gutter line, we remove all the debris and moss and take it away. Safety is a major consideration. We have a range of mobile scaffolding units and a cherry picker on hand so we can carry out the work efficiently and without any danger.

The final step is to apply a suitable treatment to prevent the moss from returning. Our treatment process kills off all remaining moss and algae, leaving your roof, clean and in moss free condition for years to come.

Roof Scrape

Roof Scrape
Roof Steam Clean

Roof Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning can only be used on select tiles. There are many factors to take into account when choosing to use this method. The low pressure high temperature method can achieve instant clean results. This combined with the post treatment we apply will keep your roof looking amazing for years after its clean. We always carry out a pre-inspection on every property we work on and can advise on the best suited cleaning method.


Roof Treatment

roof moss 14.jpg

We include as standard on every clean...


Gutter Clearance

Moss removed from gutters

3 cups



Tower/Ladder/iPaf Powered Access

Fascia Soffit Clean

Full wash down of fascias and soffits

Moss Treatment

Tailored treatment applied 

1½ cups


Roof Scrape

Full Moss Removal

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